Course populaire Corrida de Houilles 2012 (6.9 km)

Results for Adelie Reinaudo

Adelie Reinaudo clocked a time of 27'06" on her way to rank first in age division CAF.

27'06"Pace: 3'56"/kmSpeed: 15.28 km/h
   123.7% of overall winner timeGap: +5'11" (≈ +1319m)
   111.1% of women winner timeGap: +2'43" (≈ +691m)
   123.7% of men winner timeGap: +5'11" (≈ +1319m)
   100.0% of CAF winner timeGap: +0'00" (≈ +0m)


   Overall:109th/98289th percentile
   Women:6th/28898th percentile
   Division CAF:1st/7100th percentile

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