What is Runner Stats?

Runner Stats gathers results from running races all around the world and generates comprehensive statistics for each of them.

Why Runner Stats?

At Runner Stats, we are passionated about 2 things: running and figures. We are confident that many runners, recreative or competitive, share our love for statistics and will be interested in putting their performance into perspective by comparing their own result to others' and see how well they did.

Which informations can I find on Runner stats?

For each gender and category, we offer the following informations:

  • Number of finishers
  • Fastest time
  • Slowest time
  • Average time
  • Median time
  • Podiums
  • The repartition of runners according to their finish time

What is the difference between the average and the median time?

The average time is computed by adding up the total for all the runners, and dividing it by the number of runners.
The median time is computed so that 50% of the runners are faster than this value, and 50% of them are slower. It can also be seen as the time of the middle of the pack.

How can I be informed of new statistics being released?

Currently, the best way to stay informed is to follow us on Twitter.

How can I suggest a race result to be added?

We'll be glad to add statistics for your favorite race. Send us an e-mail with the following information: name and distance of the race, date of the race, link to the results, and if possible a link to race official web page.

I have some ideas to improve Runner Stats. Whom should I contact?

We like your feedback. Please send us your comments and suggestions by email.