New York marathon 2013 statistics

New York marathon 2013: 50,062 finishers, 50,062 different stories of training, struggle, hope, despair, suffering, pride.

Of course, we do not pretend to be able to summarize or reduce the marathon spirit to a couple of figures and plots, but we do think our just-released statistics shed an instructive light on this event.

A few facts we found interesting:

  • The median time for this edition is 4h22'16", which is very close to the median time in 2011 (4h22'44")
  • Sub-4 hours marathon is a popular goal among male runners, as shown in the plot above:

    NYC marathon histogram plot

    The bin aggregating runners having finished between 3h55 and 4h is also the mode of the histogram (the most populated bin) for the following categories: female between 25 and 29, and all men age groups between 20 and 54.

  • Women made up 39% of all finishers. This is a large fraction when compared to european marathons. At Berlin marathon, last September, women accounted for 24.5% of all runners. Finishers of Paris marathon, earlier this year, comprised of 20.4% women.

    Women-men repartition at NY marathon 2013

  • You can be 80 years old and still run the marathon in 4h43'49", as demonstrated by the french runner Maurice Jean who averaged 10'49" per mile for his 6th marathon (he only started running five years ago). Still far from stellar performances set by Ed Whitlock, but impressive and inspiring nevertheless !

We will come back in the coming days with an exhaustive analysis of the marathon: how the race unfolded, how many runners in negative splits, etc. Stay tuned !